Who is United Planners Financial Services?

United Planners Financial Services is a uniquely structured Partnership, independent from other financial institutions.  United Planners' provides access to full brokerage, insurance, and investment advisory services through over 500 financial professionals located throughout the United States.  United Planners is a member of the Securities and Investor Protection Corporation (www.SIPC.org) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).  An investment brochure describing FINRA's public disclosure program is available from FINRA by calling 1(800) 289-9999 or online at www.FINRA.org.

United Planners executes and clears brokerage transactions through Pershing, LLC, an independent firm.  Pershing is one of the largest financial clearing institutions.  Additional information regarding Pershing, LLC can be found at www.Pershing.com.

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