Your Wealth Management experience includes T. Jay providing customized personal financial planning, risk management and investment management services to a limited number of individuals, families, and business owners, through his affiliation with United Planners.

Potential new relationships begin with a free consultation to learn about you and your situation. This meeting provides you and T. Jay an opportunity to get to know each other and determine if we are the right fit for you. While the initial meeting is normally a face-to-face conversation in T. Jay's office, a video conference also works well. After a thorough review of your situation, values and priorities, T. Jay begins formulating your personalized plan. In a follow-up meeting, he presents the plan and adjusts it with you to accommodate new information and your needs.

T. Jay takes pride in being an independent Financial Adviser. His mission is helping you plan life the way you want to live it and manage the inevitable challenges that arise.

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